tav_behemoth (tav_behemoth) wrote,

Let's Pretend, part 2

Today Javi and I passed the time waiting for the unusually slow service at Malaysia Grill (89th and Bway) with a little diceless roleplaying a la two-year-old. His character was Danny, his old music class teacher - he's into playing powerful, authoritative figures these days. I was the tailor who made clothes for him - more of a DM playing a NPC kind of role, as opposed to playing baby which is more like a LARP where I'm the new vampire on the block.

ME: What kind of clothes do you want?
JAVI: I want an orange shirt.
ME: Do you want it short or long?
JAVI: Long, please.
ME: Okay, it'll be done tomorrow. (Acting out and description of how the tailor makes clothes here).
JAVI: I'm here for my clothes!
ME: Why don't you try them on and see if they fit? Here's the dressing room.
JAVI: (pretends to open the door).
ME: There's a mirror inside. How do you look?
JAVI: Good!
ME: That'll be five dollars...

I need say nothing about the fundamental importance of the Shopping Trip to roleplaying of all kinds, except perhaps that it was nice not to have to worry about what kinds of wards the tailor maintained against invisible thieves for once.

(I should mention that I ran a Masters and Minions demo for bar_sinister 's adorable kids at Dreamation, who are in the six and eight range I believe; best lines were "My bull lord doesn't care about your ice elf's beauty, he just cares about his maze" and "Oh, you mean this is a roleplaying game. We play roleplaying games all the time.") </b></a>
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They had a great time with that game, and then they amused themselves with the maze for at least an hour afterwards. Now they're bugging me to buy a dungeon set for them. :)