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One more reason living in NYC rules

Columbia University
Fall 2005 Computer Science

According to my freshly-martyred hero Charles Ryan, "I think this is less a course on playing D&D, and more a case study course on the history, growth, and impact of the brand on popular culture and the business world. I believe it's part of an MBA program. They interviewed a whole bunch of folks (including me), mostly from R&D but also from other areas of the company. I believe that the interviews were intended to fill out the students' understanding of D&D's history and the current state of the brand and the business".

Some discussion about the course is here. For those of you not lucky enough to live within falling-out-of-bed distance from Columbia,  here's an online course that really  is about playing D&D. Of course, if you lived in Finland, you'd apparently find it easier to do an entire graduate research focus on RPGs. Excuse me while I go warn my congressman that the once-great U.S. of A.'s failure to invest in advanced roleplaying studies will cripple our competitive strength in the global marketplace, just you wait and see.
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