tav_behemoth (tav_behemoth) wrote,

(Not) All is Vanity

Writing blog entries is so self-evidently an act of vanity that I sometimes forget that other people might not only read what I write here but even be waiting for the next one. However, at Gen Con So Cal I did meet some exemplars of this latter category, who pointed out that my last entry had been somewhat of a cliffhanger. Fear not, bold (and, apparently, non-hypothetical) reader, all is well!

Evidence that the guests on Kenneth Hite's Occult Architecture of Chicago tour for Otherworld Excursions had fun can be found at the Behemoth3 community page, where I have the honor of posting a review of the excursion by Ryan Lybarger, one of the intrepid excursioneers. There's pictures too, although I cannot attest to the occult significance of what's on view.

Evidence that princeofcairo had a good time leading the excursion was found at the seminar on Professional Game Mastering, which gave me & an audience of aspiring or current professionals the chance to hear what the experience was like from his point of view. You may be able to hear it too, as lukzu recorded the proceedings for a possible podcast. Until I learn what's up with that, I do believe that there's some discussion of the excursion in Kenneth's interview with ptevis on Have Games, Will Travel.

Evidence that I had fun? Well, I did recover from my opening-night jitters, and am working to set up more such excursions, so it can't have been that bad. Still, it's probably a job for someone with more travel-industry experience, attention to detail, ability to schedule, etc. than myself. In other words, Otherworld is looking to hire an Excursion Coordinator; interested parties should write to jobs@behemoth3.com.
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